IT Specialist

Job responsibilities:
1. Cooperate with the implementation of ERP project, and organize and coordinate the online work of each department system;
2. Be responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the ERP system, and deal with relevant problems in the actual operation of the ERP system;
3. Assist in promoting ERP training and operation guidance;
4. Responsible for the daily maintenance of the company's mailbox, network, office equipment, official website and official account;
5. Be responsible for the daily IT work of the company;
6. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.
Job requirements:
1. Education background and major: college degree or above;
2. Work experience: EPR or IT work experience, major in computer and information technology;
3. Knowledge and skills:
1) More than one year of ERP related working experience, IT management working experience, manufacturing industry working experience is preferred;
2) Proficient in office software such as Office;
3) Sensitive to data, clear, careful and patient
4) Good communication skills.

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