Supply Chain Director

Job responsibilities:
1. Guided by the company's strategic objectives, establish a sound, orderly and efficient supply chain procurement management system.
2. Establish and cultivate a first-class procurement team that meets the company's development requirements, assign posts and responsibilities, and carry out continuous training and improvement of the team;
3. Establish and monitor various processes and systems in the procurement process to ensure the compliance and legitimacy of procurement;
4. Lead the team to formulate and implement various procurement strategies in line with the company's business development, and control procurement costs;
5. Lead and guide the team to conduct market analysis, collect and analyze market information, and provide market and supply chain information for the company's long-term strategic development;
6. Supervise and control supplier resources to ensure the qualification and quality of suppliers; Maintain upstream and downstream relationships, including key customer and supplier relationship management;
7. Drive the effective cooperation between the team and the internal key departments, and support the work of internal R&D, business and production teams;
8. Other work assigned by leaders.
Job requirements:
1. Education background and major: Bachelor degree or above, no major limit.
2. Work experience: more than three years of procurement management experience, experience in manufacturing enterprises, experience in large equipment manufacturing enterprises is preferred.
3. Knowledge and skills:
1) Have good knowledge, experience and skills related to domestic procurement, and have good supplier development, management, negotiation and other capabilities.
2) Have a good sense and ability of cost control, good team management ability, team cooperation ability, strong execution ability and resistance to pressure, and a strong sense of responsibility;

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