After sales Project Manager (Xi'an)

Job responsibilities:
1. Formulate various management systems and process sheets of the department, put forward clear management requirements, and supervise the implementation;
2. Be responsible for the dispatch and management of personnel on business trips, and do a good job in personnel assessment; Dispatch materials required for after-sales service;
3. Organize meetings to summarize, take charge of the progress of all after-sales work of the department, and report to the superior leader in time if there is any problem that requires the assistance of the superior leader;
4. Organize meetings to coordinate with other departments; Be responsible for other work arranged by the superior leader in charge;
5. Formulate the work process of the department and promote the work according to the process;
6. Track the progress of each project;
7. Designate the person in charge of each project on site and guide them to do a good job in site management;
8. Specify maintenance manuals and plans for various equipment, and connect with customers through business in advance;
9. Complete all work related to after-sales; Report to the deputy general manager in charge.
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above;
2. Proficient in PLC control principle and programming;
3. Familiar with CAD and other drawing software and the correct use of various instruments.
(Note: Recruitment on behalf of Xi'an)

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