HR Supervisor

Job responsibilities:
1. Be specifically responsible for the recruitment of the company, make personnel planning according to business needs, update job information, and complete recruitment;
2. Assist in compensation and welfare work and process relevant data;
3. Assist in performance appraisal;
4. Specifically responsible for employee relations, employee employment confirmation, contract renewal, work-related injury management, and employee entry and exit;
5. Regularly sort out and update the company's posts;
6. Be responsible for the daily training of the company;
7. Be responsible for the management of various employee commercial insurance;
8. Do a good job in the daily management of labor services, timely update the needs of labor workers and timely meet the needs of personnel;
9. Arrange daily personnel work and communicate with each department;
10. Other work assigned by leaders.
Job requirements:
1. Education background and major: bachelor degree or above, major in human resources and administration, familiar with the six modules of human resources.
2. Work experience: more than 5 years of human resources related work experience, more than 1 year of personnel management work experience, experience in equipment manufacturing industry is preferred.
3. Knowledge and skills:
1) Proficient in using office software and good data analysis ability;
2) Good communication skills, a certain degree of stress resistance, strong sense of responsibility.

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