cost accounting

Job responsibilities:
1. Be responsible for the production cost accounting of the company's products, and prepare the product cost calculation table and analysis table.
2. The authenticity, integrity and accuracy of the documents submitted by the Manufacturing Center, the Procurement Department, the warehouse and other departments shall be audited and monitored in real time every month, and the expenses shall be collected and distributed in a timely manner.
3. Analyze the inventory changes of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products every month, analyze the actual cost implementation and the reasons for cost rise and fall, and provide a basis for improving management and reducing costs.
4. Maintenance project cost, R&D material cost, outsourcing processing maintenance, collecting relevant data, maintaining the cost of these projects, and providing project cost data for relevant departments.
5. Regularly organize the inventory check of the company's inventory, and timely issue the inventory check report to ensure that the account certificate, account card and account are consistent; Prevent inventory overstock and improve inventory turnover.
Job requirements:
1. Work experience in cost accounting
2. Work experience in material list review and inventory counting
3. Experience in cost data analysis
4. Familiar with BOM related maintenance
5. Familiar with daily accounting operations.
6. Familiar with common tax laws, accounting systems and accounting standards.
7. Familiar with relevant office software.
8. Skillfully operate Kingdee ERP system.
9. Proficient in EXCEL functions
10. Skilled use of office software
11. College degree or above, major in accounting, economics and management, with primary accounting certificate.

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