Software Manager

Capability requirements:
1. Bachelor degree in computer and related majors.
2. Be familiar with. NET programming environment and operation mechanism, and have more than 5 years of C # language development experience.
3. Be familiar with the main design modes, and the code is standardized and neat.
4. Be familiar with at least one relational database, SqlServer/MySql, and understand SQL performance optimization.
5. Be familiar with at least one kind of industrial communication, such as RS485 SOCKET MODBUS/TCP UDP.
6. Familiar with WPF programming, more than 2 years of WPF project development.
7. Have team spirit, strong analytical and communication skills.
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for upper computer development of semiconductor and photovoltaic equipment
2. Be responsible for MES connection at the customer's site
3. Be responsible for the improvement of the company's development platform
4. Be responsible for the rectification of software rectification requirements proposed by customers
5. Responsible for the development of the customer's on-site master control server

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