Quality Engineer

Job responsibilities:
1. Regularly summarize, count and systematically analyze the inspection data, and timely feed it back to the purchasing department to urge the corresponding suppliers to continuously improve;
2. Organize and guide the company or workshops to carry out process inspection during the production process, and inspect finished products according to technical documents to ensure that products can be delivered qualified;
3. Establish S0P and other relevant quality inspection documents for incoming materials, processes and shipments according to the technical drawings and assembly process and in combination with the actual production;
4. Organize personnel to carry out routine quality inspection on the incoming materials and the production workshop, and supervise the process in the production process;
5. Properly handle the quality problems in the production process;
6. Control the occurrence rate of nonconforming products, formulate work contact sheet or quality feedback sheet, and supervise the implementation;
7. Supervise and check the quality records, organize the analysis of quality data, confirm the qualification rate of suppliers, and require competent suppliers to provide corresponding improvement reports;
8. Collect, sort out and file the quality records, work contact sheets, drawings, etc. in the process of feeding and production;
9. Organize quality control personnel and quality inspection personnel to learn professional technical knowledge, and establish a high-quality quality control and quality inspection team;
10. Complete other tasks assigned by department leaders.
Job requirements:
1. Education background and major: college degree or above; 30-45 years old is preferred;
2. Work experience: trained in production management, quality management, product knowledge, etc; More than 3 years of quality management experience;
3. Knowledge and skills:
1) Familiar with ISO9001 quality management system;
2) Have the ability to quickly solve production quality problems;
3) Strong learning, analysis, understanding, communication and coordination skills;
4) Work earnestly, actively and responsibly, and have a strong sense of innovation;
5) Familiar with office software.

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