Quality inspector

Job responsibilities:
1. Be responsible for daily inspection of materials, and conduct full inspection or sampling inspection according to inspection procedures;
2. During the inspection, the product name, specification, appearance, drawing number and other contents shall be checked, the inspection shall be carried out according to the inspection standards, the inspection records shall be filled in, the materials after inspection shall be identified and counted, and the qualified products shall be timely arranged for warehousing;
3. Isolate the nonconforming products, fill in relevant records and reports, and handle according to the process;
4. Responsible for the environmental management of the work site and the calibration, maintenance and storage of inspection tools;
5. Adapt to the 12 hour system and obey the overtime arrangement;
6. Adapt to field work or business trip;
7. Complete other tasks assigned by department leaders.
Job requirements:
1. Education background and major: technical secondary school or above
2. Work experience: more than 1 year of quality inspection experience
3. Have basic map reading ability, and be able to understand the cardinal number requirements on the drawings
4. Skillfully use vernier caliper, micrometer and other measuring tools
5. Good at communication, team spirit, and obedience to leadership arrangements

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