TOPCon boron expansion equipment solution


Under the background of national 2030 carbon peak and 2060 carbon neutral development, photovoltaic industry can be said to be one of the most important energy solutions. At present, the main products in the photovoltaic industry are single crystal PERC products, whose LCOE kilowatt hour power is close to the parity grid connection. If the parity grid connection and lower LCOE are achieved, large-scale and high power are the two main means; At present, on the basis of PERC platform, to further improve efficiency, there are two technical solutions: TOPCon battery and heterojunction HJT battery; In combination with industrial technology development and scale effect to achieve cost reduction control, heterojunction HJT batteries are expected to require a certain period of time to polish. Because TOPCon batteries share more than 80% of the equipment with PERC batteries, it can be predicted that explosive growth will occur in a very short time, and it is also the only choice to achieve efficiency of more than 24+%.
Wuxi Songyu Technology has accumulated many years of experience in TOPCon battery production equipment and can provide TOPCon with the following equipment: boron phosphorus co expansion furnace, phosphorus/annealing co expansion furnace, LPCVD, PECVD (polycrystalline silicon three in one), ALD tubular atomic layer deposition aluminum oxide, PECVD (SiNx, SiON), etc.


Songyu Low Pressure Tubular High Temperature Boron Diffusion System
At present, the battery production end uses the boron expansion furnace produced by Wuxi Songyu Technology, which performs well. It produces 182-210 silicon wafers, with a single tube capacity of 2200 pieces/tube&2000 pieces/tube (the single tube capacity of other boron expansion equipment in the market is generally 1600 pieces/tube&1200 pieces/tube). Wuxi Songyu Technology realizes such a large capacity through the unique design of the quartz boat; The "vertical insertion" method adopted in the design of the new quartz boat also has a very obvious uniformity advantage compared with other insertion methods. At the battery production end, Wuxi Science and Technology Songyu boron expander has excellent square resistance uniformity, which can be achieved by 3%, 4% and 4% respectively in the chip, between chips and between batches, which is more advantageous than the square resistance uniformity (7% in the chip, 7% between chips and 10% between batches) of other boron expander manufacturers.


Single tube achieves the capacity of 210 pieces to 2000 pieces



When the boron surface SE technology is not popularized, the square resistance uniformity determines the space of high square resistance, efficiency concentration and EL brightness uniformity. With the boron expansion furnace of Wuxi Songyu Technology, the mass production efficiency of TOPCon can reach 24+%. The following figure shows the efficiency comparison of the battery production end (Song Yu is about 0.08% higher than BL):




In the process of R&D, Demo, batch testing and official order in the past year, Wuxi Songyu Technology has spent a lot of energy, and it is a huge return for its overall efforts to get such an industry recognition. In addition, in order to maintain the strong core competitiveness of new products, Wuxi Songyu Technology has applied for patent protection for the entire product hardware design (main equipment, spare parts, quartz pieces, etc.), process structure design, etc.
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