PECVD Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition System

It is mainly used to deposit AlxOy, SiO2/SiOxNy and SixNy films on silicon wafers in the manufacture of crystalline silicon solar cells.


LPCVD Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment

Songyu L PCVD low pressure chemical vapor deposition equipment, which makes gaseous compounds react on the substrate surface and deposit to form fixed solid films (SiOz, POLY Si, P+POLY Si) under low pressure by heating. At present, it is mainly used in TOPCon and POLO (POLY Si) battery technology.


ALD atomic layer deposition equipment

Solar ALD atomic layer deposition is a kind of equipment that generates deposition film AL2O3 by alternately passing gas precursor TMA and H20 (or TMA and O3) pulses into the reaction chamber and chemically adsorbing on the deposition substrate. It is mainly applied to photovoltaic PERC, TOPCON and other new processes to improve the conversion efficiency of solar cells.


Low pressure tubular high temperature boron phosphorus diffusion system/annealing furnace/oxidation furnace

Songyu boron and phosphorus diffusion furnace is the latest type of low-pressure diffusion furnace. The low-pressure diffusion is to make the reaction chamber in a vacuum state through the role of vacuum pump, and then pass the process gas. The diffusion process keeps the chamber in a stable and constant vacuum state, so as to ensure that the concentration of boron or phosphorus atoms in the chamber remains unchanged. As the free path of gas molecules increases under vacuum conditions, the adhesion ability of gas molecules on the silicon wafer surface is also greatly improved and a large amount of gas turbulence is avoided. At this time, boron or phosphorus atoms can be evenly distributed on the silicon wafer surface, and a layer of uniform impurity atoms are diffused on the silicon wafer surface, thus ensuring the uniformity of silicon wafer diffusion.


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